Thorbjorn  hf.


Thorbjorn hf. is a fishing company, located on the south coast of Iceland. In addition to fish processing plants, the company runs a mixed fleet of 10 vessels, ranging from small liners to large freezer trawlers. Of these the three largest vessels have been fitted with the ElCorrect™ system to battle a multitude of electrical problems on board.


Mr. Eirikur Dagbjartsson, Fleet Manager of Thorbjorn hf., explains; "We were experiencing a lot of difficulties on board, especially during heavy operations, on many fronts. Generators would frequently overheat, reaching temperatures upwards of 80°C, simply wasting energy. Equipment and machinery was failing and/or shorting out due to the high stress loads. Sensitive electrical equipment would give us inaccurate readings. Life just wasn´t fun.".


Faced with these multiple problems Mr. Dagbjartsson found an elegant solution in the form the ElCorrect™ technology. The first of Thorbjorn hf. vessels to be fitted with the ElCorrect™ units was the Gnupur GK-11 freezer trawler. And the effects were instantaneous.


"From Day One, as soon as the ElCorrect™ unit was turned on, all of our electrical problems vanished; frequent short outs were a thing of the past, down-time of equipment and machinery was drastically reduced, and heat build-up in generators was cut down considerably, down to bellow 40°C. Even existing equipment, such as the fish finding sonars, became more accurate and performed better than before, which greatly improved our decision making. In addition we are seeing a 5-10% reduction in fuel consumption due to better power quality on board. That´s one metric ton of fuel saved per day of operations.".


Maybe what is most telling of my view of this technology and that of the company as a whole," Mr. Dagbjartsson concludes, "is the fact that we have fitted all our freezer trawlers with the ElCorrect™ system. Our confidence in it is absolute."

Thorbjorn hf ships with ElCorrect

ELCorrect Ecological Electric - Skutahraun 2 - 220 Hafnarfjordur - Iceland -


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