The process

ElCorrect ltd. and it’s partners, work under a strict quality control system to ensure the most efficient and beneficial setup for your operation. The process by which an installation of an ElCorrect™ unit can take place in a facility, follows these carefully controlled steps:


The Power Quality Survey is an essential part of the process to determine what kind of layout best fits your needs and conditions to maximize your return. Based your overall power quality, including information about your facility, building or vessel, the optimum solution is calculated and presented in the Solution Package. An example timetable can be found on the right.

After an installation takes place, a short power quality survey is done to ensure that the installation was successful, and the ElCorrect™ system effects and benefits are up and running. The ElCorrect™ technology is designed to make your day-to-day operations more economically efficient, reduce your energy waste, increase service life of equipment and machinery, in addition to reducing your overall carbon footprint.




Power Quality Survey

Shipping vessels: Highly dependent on your local conditions and operation, but in general a full tour of duty is recommended, to accurately profile your power usage and loads

Manufacturing facilities: 1-7 days

Packaging facilities: 1-7 days.

Drilling operations: 1-7 days

Data centers: 1-7 days


Survey Assessment

Depends on the amount of data points gathered. Usually the assessment takes between 3 and 5 days.


Power Quality Report

Once the results from the assessment are fully calculated and realized, the Power Quality Report is produced in 2 days.


Solution Package

Under a day. Presented with the Power Quality Report.



Usually a day. If any modifications are needed, installation can reach two days.

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