The ElCorrect™ system is an electric power quality correction technology that reduces interferences, distortions and surges in industrial sized electrical systems. The ElCorrect™ system comes in various sizes and configurations, designed to fit your needs and requirements, whether your industry is a small or large scale manufacturing facility, a packaging operation, land or deep water drilling or an ocean going vessel.

ElCorrect™ reduces your energy consumption, lowers your maintenance needs and greatly improves the economy of your whole operation.

Among the key benefits and features of the ElCorrect™ technology are:


  • A reduction in power consumption 

  • A reduction in fuel consumption (where applicable) 

  • A reduction of heat build up 

  • Increased service life of electrical equipment and machinery 

  • Increased service functionality of electrical equipment and machinery Electrical surge protection 

  • High frequency & Harmonic frequencies fluctuations reduction 

  • Resonance prevention 

  • Increased operational and economic security


ElCorrect ltd.and its partners, work under strict quality control to ensure our customers receive the best results for their needs and operation.
Each individual case is scrutinized and calculated for best performance and experience.

The ElCorrect™ technology has over a decade of research and development behind it. Coupled with continuous real-world use since 2003, the technology is a proven platform for energy reduction, energy correction, reducing heat build-up, lowering maintenance costs, lowering down-time of equipment, and a number of other benefits that all culminate an improved economic and operational security for it's users.


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