Plants using ElCorrect for better operational security

Trident Seafoods Corp. USA, has been using the ElCorrect technology since 2010  to lower their energy costs in their Akutan processing facility in Alaska. By installing the elCorrect technology Trident Seafoods officials hope to reduce their cost of operating the plant, in addition to extending the service life of their investment in electrical equipment and processing facilities.

The Trident Akutan plant is the largest seafood production facility in North America with production capabilities for over 3 million pounds of multiple species per day. It produces a full range of products, including frozen fillets, blocks, and surimi. It can house as many as 825 Trident employees.

Trident Seafoods is one of the largest seafood companies in the world. They are a vertically integrated harvester, processor, and marketer of seafood from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and around the world. They operate 17 plants in Alaska and the Northwest USA, and almost 40 vessels of all types.


Modolv Sjøset AS, Norway has recently built a new production facility and refrigerated storage. The production facility was built to meet their own requirements for nimble internal logistic and careful handling of raw material through the production process, as well as to afford greater possibillities for developing products. The company has always been open to new ideas and innovations; that's why they continue to invest in the most modern machinery available.
But with more complication in technology with more technical devices and motors, we can expect more problems.
Before the ElCorrect solution the company was  experiencing electrical problems such as overloading and frequent power shortage.They had tried few solutions without success when we came across ElCorrect. It was hard to believe the results. The moment when the ElCorrect was switched on, they gained  alot  of electricity they did not have before. This allowed them to increase the factory freezing capacity by up to 50%. Another important thing is the fact that instead of yearly paying around 800.000 NKR in fines because of over loading we now pay none so the payback was extremely short.


Alyeska Seafoods Dutch Harbour  has been using the ElCorrect technology since 2012
Alyeska Seafoods is jointly owned by Wards Cove Packing Company and Japan-based Maruha-Nichiro Group, the largest seafood company in the world. Alyeska operates one of three large seafood processing plants in Dutch Harbor, Alaska in the Aleutian chain. The company processes Alaska pollock, Pacific cod, and king and snow crab. At full capacity, Alyeska can process more than a million pounds of seafood a day.


Icicle Seafoods Inc. USA has been using the ElCorrect technology since 2010 to lower their energy costs onboard the Northern Victor pollock and cod processor. Since then, the ElCorrect technology has proved to reduce their cost of operating vessel, in addition to increasing their operational security.

The Northen Victor is a pollock and cod processor in Alaska. It is the largest of Icicle’s processing vessels at 8092 gross tons. The Northern Victor has operated in Alaska and produced various seafood products as the second largest processing vessel in the United States fishing industry. Icicle acquired the Northern Victor in late 1999 and subsequently completed major processing equipment additions and improvements that have made her the most versatile processing vessel in the U.S. industry. With quarters for 222 crewmembers she processes Alaskan Pollock at her primary operating base in the Aleutians Islands near Dutch Harbor. An onboard rendering plant produces a high quality fish meal and fish oil from the normal processing waste by-products and insures a maximum recovery from the purchased fish.

ElCorrectTM  system is a unique technology that provides green energy saving and distortion elimination solutions for electrical systems.  The benefits of the elCorrectTM system include dramatic reductions in fuel consumption, increased effectiveness of equipment, higher profitability, stability and efficiency of operations and a much cleaner carbon footprint.

FISK Seafood Saudarkrokur Iceland

FISK Seafood is a fishing company that owns and runs both freezing trawlers and fresh fish trawlers along with fish and shrimp factories.  The company has operations in three towns; Grundarfjörður, Sauðárkrókur and Skagaströnd.
FISK Seafood has been using ElCorrect solution since 2009.



Coca Cola Santa Rosa Philippines  has been using the ElCorrect technology since 2012

The CCBPI Santa Rosa is the biggest plant of Coca-Cola in the Philippines. It has two plants, the Plant I and Plant II.


Coca Cola Santa Rosa Philippines  has been using the ElCorrect technology since 2012

The CCBPI Santa Rosa is the biggest plant of Coca-Cola in the Philippines. It has two plants, the Plant I and Plant II.



Adara Pakkaus OY Finland  has been using the ElCorrect technology since 2012

Adara is an expert in building exceptionally smart packaging processes, the only Finnish company to offer a total packaging solution, from design and materials to packaging automation and logistics. The companies stragety is; best possible efficiency in every way.  That is why they choose ElCorrect for their electric efficiency.

The company serves customers in Finland, Scandinavia, and the Baltic countries. Their facilities are in Valkeakoski, Pirkkala and Heinola, providing a logistically central location.