Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does it take to see it's effects?

A: Immediately. As soon as ElCorrect™ is part of your energy infrastructure, the moment it is turned on, the beneficial effects become apparent.


Q: After installation, is is possible to turn the system off, for whatever reason?

A: Yes. A very simple process. A single button, in fact.


Q: Is there a price list available?

A: All of our recommendations are based on your local needs and conditions through the Power Quality Survey. All costs and prices are included in the final Power Quality Report and Solution Package presented to you at the end of the Quality Survey process.


Q: Does the Power Quality Survey cost anything?

A: There is a small charge taken for the Power Quality Survey. The Power Quality Survey is part of our quality control system that is designed to ensure our customers receive the correct setup for their needs and local conditions. As such, the Power Quality Survey is part of the whole package, and is included as part of of the ElCorrect™ system.


Q: How is the Power Quality Survey performed?

A: A series of sensitive electrical monitoring equipment is strategically placed around your operation and allowed to log a multitude of factors over time, during varied degrees of operational stresses, to accurately profile your overall Power Quality Health. Based on those observations, the Power Quality Survey and Solutions Package are calculated.


Q: How long does the Power Quality Survey take?

A: Depends on your operation. It is important for the survey to sample a multitude of conditions and operational cycles. For a ship, for instance, the survey might take a full tour of duty, while time needed for a 1-24 hour manufacturing facility, the same amount of data can be harvested in just a few days.


Q: Is it possible to buy an ElCorrect™ system without a Power Quality Survey?

A: Possible, but not recommended. The Power Quality Survey is viewed as an integral part of the whole process of improving the quality and economy of your operation.


Q: How long does an installation take?

A: Typically, about one day.


Q: Is there a lot of building work, or tear down, needed for the installation of the ElCorrect™ system?

A: In most cases none at all or very little. However in very cramped spaces, such as on board ships, some minor adjustments are sometimes needed for the unit(s) to fit.


Have a question? Please contact us with your question, needs and requirements.

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