Mr. Gudmundur Ragnarsson is the Chairman of The Icelandic Union of Marine Engineers & Metal Technicians (IUMEMT). Before he assumed his post at IUMEMT, he was Chief Engineer of Gnupur GK-11, first of Thorbjorn hf. freezer trawlers to be fitted with the ElCorrect™ technology. He oversaw it's installation and performed a number of stress tests afterwards to gauge the effectiveness. He is a big fan of the ElCorrect™ system.


"We performed various tests after the installation of the ElCorrect™ unit into the Gnupur GK-11, and saw a 5-10% drop in fuel consumption. Right away. More important than the drop in fuel consumption,", Mr. Ragnarsson continues, "[] are the long term benefits that become apparent with time. What I mean by that is, that with time, there is less maintenance and less overall load on the whole system or network.".


"The most concrete proof we have of the systems benefits concerns the on board generators. With the setup we had [on Gnupur GK-11] under normal use, the generators would reach 70°C, while during extreme pulling operations warning sirens echoed as they climed upwards of 80°C. As soon as ElCorrect™ was turned on, heat in the generators dropped to 35°C. The technology also had a positive effect on the fish finding sonars, so is has positive influences on the effectiveness of fishing.".


"The ElCorrect™ system is, in my opinion, a unique piece of equipment.".

ELCorrect Ecological Electric - Skutahraun 2 - 220 Hafnarfjordur - Iceland -


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