Is your ship a GREEN energy vessel?

In order for marine vessels to be able to conserve fuel, and thereby carbon emissions, without sacrificing operational capacity, their operators should consider their electric power quality.

Today‘s fishing vessels are stocked with energy demanding equipment, such as variable speed drives used for  electrical winches, on board refrigeration, various pumps and other equipment.
Add to that sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, fish finding sonars and GPS equipment and you will find an “electrical cocktail” which can waste a lot of expensive energy. Improving electric power quality is a key factor for increasing energy efficiency and thereby reducing costs.

The worsening quality of electricity onboard many vessels has forced many ship engineers to install secondary or even tertiary power generators just to be able to deliver the power needed on board.










Why to improve Power Factor?
Onboard many ships there are five major parameters that engineers and vessel owners must consider with regards to electrical power quality.
These are:

  • Power Factor (cos phi)

  • Total Harmonic Disturbances (THD)

  • Level of High Frequency Disturbances (HFD)

  • Risk of resonance onboard

  • Voltage fluctuations


It is imperative that all improvements are made for all five parameters at the same time. The reason for that is for example, if only one parameter is compensated for it can have a drastic effect on the other parameters.

Historically there have been no easy ways of correcting all of these five parameters, up until now.
With the release of the ElCorrect™ power quality correction system, ElCorrect™ has delivered an easy solution to
the aforementioned issues.



The ElCorrect™ system

The ElCorrect™ offers increased operational security and profitability of your vessel, lowering maintenance costs and energy consumption, both electrical and fossil fuel based, as well as multiple electrical distortions and interference's reduction and elimination, and increased service life of both electrical equipment and machinery. Like all of our units, the ElCorrect™ is custom built to fit into your existing layout, without taking up a lot of valuable space or time for installation.

As with all of our soloutions each one is based on your needs and local conditions strategically located within your operation to maximize your potential benefits, or any combination of our units that best suits you.

Electrical specification

Operating voltage


Operating frequency


Control voltage


Capacity tolerance


Unit composed of

· Input filter

· Capacitor bank

· Reactor

· Control

Cooling method

Forced ventilation

Connection to network

Through back, sides, top or bottom


Enclosure type



Dimension (WxHxD) [mm]

(1610x1850x680)mm (max)


1200kg (max)