Coca Cola Philippines

Nestlé Lipa, factory 

Del Monte, factories

Philip Morris


P&G Procter & Gamble


BIC factory



General Motors



Pure Foods


Fortune Tobacco


Pescanova Seafoods



Hangana Seafood



Tunacor Seafood






NAMSOV Seafood


SMC Foods


Wyeth drugs manufacturer   


SM Malls


SM Corp. Largest Company in Philippines


BDO Equitable, Large office building




Globe Telecom, Data Centers


SMC Beer, bottling factory




APO Cement, concrete 


La Farge


Nuvali, apartment complex


Asian Breweries, bottling plants


Century Tuna, General Santos, factories


Rebisco, factories




Consulting clients

ElCorrect ltd acquired HBT International as well as ISELCO ltd. Thru these names we have done Power Quality Surveys & Analysis around the world. Here are few of our clients;

ElCorrect users

ElCorrect is a pioneer solution in the field. It has been in use around the world since 2003.
Here you find some of the companies using ElCorrect;


Trident Seafoods USA




Coca Cola The Philippines

ADARA Paper Company Finland

THORBJORN Seafood Co Iceland

ISFELAGID Seafood Co Iceland

Modolv Sjøset AS Norway

THORSBERG Seafood Co Iceland

HUGINN Shipowners Iceland

ELCorrect Ecological Electric - Skutahraun 2 - 220 Hafnarfjordur - Iceland -


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