ElCorrect™ 4500

Of the standard range of ElCorrect™ units, the 4500 is the largest. The ElCorrect™ 4500 is designed to handle heavy operations and installations, ranging from off shore drilling rigs and large container ships, to large manufacturing facilities and data centers. The 4500 offers all of the benefits the ElCorrect™ electric power quality correction technology has to offer. Even larger units are available through our custom installation solutions.

The ElCorrect™ 4500 offers increased operational security and profitability of any large scale operation, lowering maintenance costs and energy consumption, both electrical and fossil fuel based, as well as multiple electrical distortions and interference's reduction and elimination, and increased service life of both electrical equipment and machinery. Like all of our units, the ElCorrect™ will easily fit into your existing layout, without taking up a lot of valuable space or time for installation.

As with all of our solutions, each one is based on your needs and local conditions. A possible solution may be a single unit of ElCorrect™ 1500 with a single unit of the ElCorrect™ 3000, each strategically located within your operation to maximize your potential benefits, or any combination of our units that best suits you. Please contact us for further information and possible solutions for your needs and requirements.

Example of users: large ocean trawlers, container ships, large manufacturing facilities, drilling platforms, data centers