ElCorrect™ 3000

The ElCorrect™ 3000 is the benchmark unit in the ElCorrect™ range of solutions. It fits most common operations and facilities, such as manufacturing facilities, food processing plants and medium sized ocean trawlers. The ElCorrect™ 3000 offers all of the benefits our electric power quality correction technology has to offer.

The ElCorrect™ 3000 should be considered as part of any industrial undertaking, whether on sea or at land. It offers increased operational security and profitability to any operation, lowering maintenance costs and energy consumption, both electrical and fossil fuel based, as well as multiple electrical distortions and interference's reduction and elimination, and increased service life of both electrical equipment and machinery.

As with all of our solutions, each configuration is based on your needs and local conditions. A possible solution may be a pair of ElCorrect™ 1500 units instead of a single ElCorrect™ 3000, each strategically located within your operation to maximize your potential benefits. Please contact us for further information and possible solutions for your needs and requirements.

Example of users: medium sized ocean trawlers, radar installations, packaging plants, food processing facilities, drilling platforms, data centers


ELCorrect Ecological Electric - Skutahraun 2 - 220 Hafnarfjordur - Iceland - ee@rafehf.is


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