The Icelandic Defense Agency heads under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs which oversees projects relating to defense and security.  Among it’s tasks and functions are:


  • Operations and maintenance of the Iceland Air Defense System

  • Participation in coordinated NATO Air Surveillance and Policing

  • Operation, maintenance and utilization of security zones and infrastructure

  • Cooperation with international institutions and execution of international agreements in the field of defense.

  • Preparation and execution of defence exercises in Iceland


As part of its role to operate and maintain the Iceland Air Defense System, the Agency operates four large radar installations situated in various locations around the country. These radar and surveillance installations need to cover a vast expanse of the North Atlantic ocean and are sensitive to even minute fluctuations of any kind of electrical disturbances. To counter and prevent any kind of harmful surges, distortions and fluctuations, an ElCorrect™ unit has been set up at each location, bringing increased operational security with them.


Ellisif Tinna Vidisdottir, the Director of the Icelandic Defense Agency points out; “It [ElCorrect™] has increased the overall efficiency of our facilities, their cost-effectiveness, and more importantly, made them more secure.”.