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Bjartmar Pétursson
Managing Director  

Mob. tel. +354 893 5895

Tel.:  +354 462 6400

Pétur B. Árnason
Electric Engineer / Development

Mob. tel. +354 869 9205

Tel.:  +354 462 6400

Valthor Hermannsson
Technical  Director

Mob. tel. +354 869 7422

Tel.:  +354 462 6400

Eythor Edvardsson
Director Sales & Marketing

Mob. tel. +354 8925057

Tel.:  +354 462 6400

Hjalti Halldorsson

Mob. tel. +354 864 2312

Tel.:  +354 462 6400

If you have any inquiries, questions or simply to start improving your power quality and operational & economic security today,please get in touch.


                                                ElCorrect ltd.
                                                Dalshraun 3

                                                220 Hafnarfjordur

                                                Tel.: -354 462 6400

                                                Mob tel.: +354 892 5057


We will do our upmost to answer all of your requests and inquiries as soon as is possible.

All correspondence is considered confidential and privileged. ElCorrect ltd
may share information with other
ElCorrect ltd subsidiaries or affiliate
companies for purposes of your request/inquiry.
ElCorrect ltd, or any of its
subsidiaries or affiliates, will not sell, rent, swap or share personal information
about you as an individual, or as a group of individuals, to third parties without your consent and prior knowledge.



​Please find your region of interest and start improving your power quality andoperational & economic security today.




ACS Applied Customized Solutions GmbH

Zeithstraße 121

53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid


Phone: +49 2247 745 2020



Faroe Islands


P/F Leif Mohr
Hoyvíksvegur 53
Postboks 3100
FO-110 Tórshavn
Contact person: Andrias Joensen
Phone: +298 29 12 69


USA / Seattle
Pacific Fishermen Shipyard

5351-24th Ave NW

Seattle WA-98107

Contact person: Doug Dixon 


S-Africa - NAMIBIA
Walvis Trawl

Ben Amathila Ave

PO BOX 2953

Walvis Bay

Contact person: Asmundur Bjornsson



Av. de las Granjas , No. 239, Col. Jardín Azpeitia, Azcapotzalco, Mexico

Tel.: +521 55 1683-8924

Contact person:



Connecticom Global Network Inc.Unit 4H-1 4th Floor 8101 Pearl Plaza Building

Lot 5 &6 Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center

Pasig City Philippines 1605

Tel. +632-9109688

Contact Person: Mr. Ronald Bernal



If you have any inquiries, questions or simply to start improving your power quality and operational & economic security today, please get in touch.

ELCorrect Ecological Electric - Skutahraun 2 - 220 Hafnarfjordur - Iceland -


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