The ElCorrect™ technology has over a decade of research and development behind it. Coupled with continuous real-world use since 2003, the technology is a proven platform for energy reduction, energy correction, reducing heat build-up, lowering maintenance costs, lowering down-time of equipment, and a number of other benefits that all culminate in improved economic and operational security for its users.


The ElCorrect™ was originally designed for mid to large scale fishing trawlers. On most vessels energy management and usage are a critical part of the operation. With common problems such as high fuel consumption, heat build-up in machinery, continuous energy loss during extreme operations, energy surges, sensitive electrical equipment both having a frequent down-time and not working at peak functionality; the ElCorrect™ technology offers an "all-in-one" solution to most problems aboard. As the culprit for most of the before mentioned problems lie in the energy management and on-board production, only a single solution is needed: ElCorrect™.


The ElCorrect™ system is the ideal solution for any operation, on land or at sea, where users wish to reduce their fuel and energy consumption, improve the quality of the power being used, lower maintenance costs and increase their operational security. The ElCorrect™ system offers all these benefits and many, many more.


What follows on the next few pages are real-world accounts from people who have been in direct contact with the ElCorrect™ system and have experienced its effects, both operationally and economically.

Case Studies

ELCorrect Ecological Electric - Skutahraun 2 - 220 Hafnarfjordur - Iceland -


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